Andrea Urlich and her Uncle Alexander Urlich talk about the Military life and how it changed his perspective on life.

In this interview conducted in December 2018 in Chantilly, Virginia, Andrea Urlich interviews her Uncle Alexander Urlich about his time being in the military and his childhood life . He mainly talks about /describes how life was like in the...

Great Thanksgiving Listen with my grandpa

I interviewed my grandpa about his childhood and overall experiences throughout his life. My dad was also there to translate my grandpa’s answers.

November 30, 2018 App Interview
Great Thanksgiving Listen with my Great Mom

I interviewed my mom about her life and how she ended up where she is.

My grandma and her life.

I have never really been able to talk to my grandma because of the distance, but I’ve always been interested in her and her life. I’m happy to talk and learn more about her.


The summary of this interview : In this interview my grandmother talks about her childhood in Minnesota and how things were so different from then and now.

Payton Garey

I got to know more about my grandmas story and got closer to her.

William and Linda Windham talk about childhood life in MS

William Windham (14) and Linda Windham (73) talk about life in mississippi. From Christmas traditions to School activities, life for an average Mississippian is a lot deeper than you think. Linda talks all about her childhood while William talks about...