December 5, 2017 app
9/11 pt.2

My mother’s point of view on the twin tower attack.

November 26, 2017 app
Bob Whetstone the Storyteller.

My Grandad Bob has many interesting stories. During the interview, I’ve learned that my grandad wasn’t allowed to serve in the military because of his eyes, suffered in school because of his eyes and living during the great depression and...

May 5, 2017
Robert amd Shipley’s journey through America

I interviewed my grandparents about what it was like for them traveling and libing in different parts of America

May 4, 2017
Robert and Shirley’s journey through America

I talked to my grandparents about what there transition from moving around America was like.

November 25, 2016
Moonshine and the KKK

Lou A. Newman (b. 1930) talks about the time his dad got busted for transporting moonshine by an unlikely organization.