Dev’s (practice Interview)

This interview was mainly conversating about the participants life and life experiences. Their background and feelings.

Mrs Louisa Margaret Ness Vloothuis

We spoke about my grans childhood, parents, marriage, work, regrets and memories

The life of an immigrant

This interview was about how my mother lived her life and what she went though

Grandma Norma

Pointed but open ended questions about life in general with plenty of light hearted tangents.

Laura and Mathew talk about how it was when she was growing up.

The interviewee Laura demonstrates gratitude as she is able to be thankful for the many things that have gone on in her lifetime. She also spoke very honestly even when some of the questions that were being asked were very...

Life of Grandpa

We talked about the life of my grandfather. He had to climb a lot of obstacles to get to the positive he is today