Noah Brooks talks to Dewain Lanfear about growing up in New York City.

In this interview recorded in Novemer of 2018 in Anderson, South Carolina, Noah Brooks (13) talks to his grandfather, Dewain Lanfear (76), about growing up in New York. We discussed his exstensive sports career and his favorite teachers among other...

December 2, 2018 App Interview
My sister tells her story

My sister Stephane Adé talks about her transition from Haiti to American.

November 28, 2018 App Interview
Interview with Carla

Personal view while experiencing some kind of discrimination #discrimination #diversity #personalimpact #thegreatlisten

Live life to the Fullest

My mother has been my role model since a young age. She has shown me the meaning in life, which is to live life to the fullest. I am grateful for this opportunity to be able to listen to her...

Jeeps & Bottle Rockets

Charlie Ogden interviewing his father, David Ogden, and discussing growing up in Neenah, WI and his childhood experiences with a young hard-working family.

November 26, 2018 App Interview
Ziqi Xia and his sister talks about her past and present life experiences

My sister has many childhood memories and her experiences through out life, and what she goes through. Her college major and job she would like to do, this interview is going to tell you about her experiences as teenager.

My Mother and I

I have always wanted to know more about my mother about her fears, the people she looked to seem the most important and what careers she was always interested in. My mother is my role model and I guess it’s...

My sister stayed in china longer

I am Nancy Lin and I am here with my sister Alice, I interviewed her to know more about her life in china. While my brother and I were in America she was in china so she had more experiences...

Grandmother interview

Suzanne Distaso (70) discusses how she grew up in Torrence, California and how that greatly influenced her young days.