Clemmie Everett

Clemmie Everett tells the stories of her grandfather Robert Reade and his military service.

Betty Perritt: US Navy Ombudsman Experience

Betty Perritt relates her unique experience of serving as Ombudsman for the USS Downes

Teddy Kaminski 12/10/18

I talked to my grandpa about his life growing up in St. Louis. He was in the Navy during the Vietnam war and later became a police officer and worked in Crime Scene Investigation (CSI).

The Kyle Perri Podcast: The Korean War

A brief but informative summary of my uncle (John Roccle)’s experience in the Korean War as part of the US Navy.

Fire on the Forrestall

We talked about the processes of going through flight school. Then, we talked about overseas deployment and an accident that occurred.

Interview with Grampy

We talked about him as a child and him when he was in the military.

“Gratitude never gets us in trouble.”

I’m not proud of anything I’ve done,” Paulist Father Tom Hall told the crowd gathered at his retirement party after 30 years as a Navy chaplain. He says that the room was silent. “I’m just overwhelmed with gratitude. Pride–no. There’s...

Carter Brooks

During this interview we discussed carters life including his career, life experiences, children etc.

Noanie Interview

An interview with my mom, mainly about her time in Hawaii and meeting my dad, David Martin.