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Gilles Frydman and Larissa Dandrea

Larissa Dandrea (42) asks her colleague Gilles Frydman (68) about his journey through treatment for sleep apnea and how he ultimately became a patient advocate and community creator for those experiencing sleep apnea.

Dionne Stalling and Twaina Williams

Dionne Stalling (53) tells her friend Twaina Williams (38) how she came to found her non-profit Rare and Black, which works to amplify the voices of Black people living with rare diseases. Dionne speaks about her personal healthcare journey, expressing...

Amber Christ and Teresa Nguyen

Research collaborators Amber Christ (43) and Teresa Nguyen (35) talk about their personal paths to aging and disability advocacy, respectively, and their current collaboration to intersect the two fields into one research study. They also share how these topics relate...

Andrew Duxbury and Ginnie Prater

Dr. Andrew Duxbury (61) speaks with former student Dr. Ginnie Prater (46) about his experience working in geriatrics across rural Alabama. Dr. Duxbury explains the importance of at home visits for rural populations and gives his thoughts on how to...

Gary McMurtrie, Rebecca Perry, Tami Mark, and Lara Weinstein

Colleagues Gary McMurtrie (24), Rebecca Perry (45), Tami Mark (no age given) and Lara Weinstein (54), discuss their collaboration in writing a medical study on the access disparity of overdose treatment for opioid drugs across racial groups and recommendations on...

Cecilia Saffold and Kristi Bohling-DaMetz

Colleagues Cecilia Saffold [no age given] and Kristi Bohling-DaMetz [no age given] share how their experiences with their pregnancies shaped their view of health equity.

Ebonie Megibow and Carl Megibow

Ebonie Megibow (29) and her husband, Carl Megibow (34), talk about Ebonie’s experiences with medical racism and ableism during her pregnancy.

Michael Holtz and Brenda Blunt

Colleagues Michael Holtz (54) and Brenda Blunt [no age given] share how their experiences inform their work in health equity. Michael talks about his experience as a cancer survivor, and Brenda talks about her work in nutrition literacy.