Carlos Moore and Mia Raquel

Carlos Moore (49) talks with new friend and StoryCorps facilitator Mia Raquel (24) about what triggered him to start learning about his family and the research he's done using the Bible as a resource in the past 10 years to...

Maria Rodriguez and Juaquin Rodriguez

Siblings Maria Rodriguez (65) and Juaquin Rodriguez (61) talk about their large family, being Latinx, what it was like growing up in a rough part of Dallas, falling into bad habits, and how they've changed throughout life for the better.

Lisa Mesa-Rogers and Alexandra Hernandez

Co-workers Lisa Mesa-Rogers (50) and Alexandria Hernandez (29) discuss their involvement at Anita N. Martinez Ballet Folklorico. They discuss programming at the non-profit organization, the impact they feel it has in the community, and the way it addresses questions of...

LaRome Armstrong and Curtis Pierce

Friends LaRome Armstrong (54) and Curtis Pierce (48) engage in conversation about LaRome's many faces: as an artist in dance, drama, music, film, and writing, as a strong black man growing up in Texas, and as an activist in the...