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Gracie Burgess and Cole Johnston

Proud Army BRAT and military community advocate Gracie Burgess (21) speaks with conversation partner Cole Johnston (26) about her childhood, an incident during deployment that led to her father's disability, her value of resilience, and her hopes for the future.

Hurl Taylor and Leanora Mims

Dr. Hurl Taylor (85) speaks with mentee Leanora Mims (63) about his experience as a Vietnam veteran. They discuss Dr. Taylor's time in the Green Berets, his life and work post military, and how he has supported Leanora's own endeavors.

Shakoya Hoyte and Jeb Backe

Shakoya Hoyte (21) speaks with StoryCorps Facilitator, Jeb Backe (26), about her upbringing and her current military career. Shakoya describes her reasoning to be in the military— so that her education can be payed for and she may one day...

Robert Carey, Matthew Aaron, Charles Gile, and Patrick Heye

Former Navy pilots Robert "Bob" Carey (61), Matthew "Matt" Aaron (56), Charles "Craig" Gile (59), and Patrick "Pat" Heye [no age given] remember their time together at war as they celebrate the retirement of someone who they served with.

Alexandria Carvalho and Kris Standering

Engaged couple Alexandria Carvalho (34) and Kris Standering (45) speak about Kris's experience in the military and the impacts of traumatic brain injuries.

Patricia Barbee and Justin Cummins

Patricia Barbee [no age given] tells her conversation partner Justin Cummins (32) about her childhood and how she met her husband, Sgt. John Wesley Barbee. They remember Sgt. Barbee, their relationship, his time at war, and his passing while fighting...

Sarah Doran and Ian Gonzalez

Sarah Doran (37) speaks with conversation partner Ian Gonzalez (26), about her personal and family history of military service. Sarah describes how she met her husband while they were both serving. And Sarah shares the messages and values in the...

Ebony Clark and Braxton Parker

Ebony Clark (47) speaks with her son Braxton Parker (22) about his time in the National Guard. They reflect on Braxton leaving home for basic training, the friendships he made during that time, and what makes their bond as mother...

David Little and Kevin Ryan

Friends David Little (62) and Kevin Ryan (49) talk about Kevin's experience in the military and remember David's father and grandfather, who both served in the military.

Martika Evans and Ian Gonzalez

Martika "Tika" Evans (34) speaks with StoryCorps Facilitator Ian Gonzalez (26) about why she chose to join the military, her memories of basic training, and her experience being a mom.