Megan Dickerson and Paola Villaseñor

Friends and colleagues Paola "Panca" Villaseñor (33) and Megan Dickerson (40) sit down to talk about their relationships to art, art memories that shaped them, and what it means to them to work with and for children.

Marisol Rendón and Ingram Ober

Marisol Rendón (44) and her husband Ingram Ober (44) talk about the art pieces and sculptures they created for The New Children's Museum, discuss their differing approaches to making art, and share some of their family's background.

Ryland Madison and Maxwell Fisher Madison

Ryland Madison (52) and his son Maxwell Madison (14) talk about their relationship to The New Children's Museum, remember interacting with the different installations through Max's childhood, and discuss what the museum has taught them. Ryland also shares memories of...

Beatrix Thurber and Barton Thurber

Barton "Bart" Thurber (71) and Beatrix "Bea" Thurber (72) talk about Beatrix's work founding The New Children's Museum with five other women, discuss children's educational theory, and describe some of their favorite installations throughout the years and different iterations of...

Tom Rosso and Phil Senescall

Tom Rosso (52) speaks with his fellow board member and friend Phil Senescall (36) about autism awareness, parenthood, soft skills, and their push for inclusivity and accessibility at the New Children's Museum.

Lani Bautista Cabanilla and Edwardo Gillison

Lani Bautista Cabanilla (37) speaks with her museum colleague and friend of the board Ed Gillison (50) about their respective roles at The New Children's Museum, their first experiences visiting the museum, the impact it has for children and adults...

Victoria Hamilton and Paul Hobson

Paul Hobson (70) talks with his wife Victoria Hamilton (68) about his early life as an artist working for Bauhaus master Herbert Bayer, how those experiences informed his later work as a designer, and how meeting his wife changed his...

Lisa Cuestas and Nadia Morehouse

Colegas y amigas Lisa Cuestas (39) y Nadia Morehouse (43) hablan sobre el impacto que ha tenido The New Children's Museum en San Diego en sus vidas y en las de sus hijos. También hablan específicamente acerca del trabajo que...

Erica Opstad and Keith Opstad

Erica Opstad (49) speaks with her husband and best friend Keith Opstad (48) about the people who fostered artistic interests in their childhood, Keith's impact as a high school arts teacher, and the lessons they take from these experiences into...

Tomoko Kuta and Perry Vasquez

Tomoko Kuta (53) speaks with her friend, collaborator, and colleague Perry Vasquez (60) about their roles at the New Children's Museum, designing art for children, and their own childhood memories.