JoAnn Kelly-Graham and Patricia Kelly

JoAnn Kelly-Graham (69) talks with her mother Patricia "Pat" Jarrett Kelly (95) about what it was like for Pat growing up in England amidst WWII, having to live through D-Day, and being given food rations from the Government. Pat talks...

Mary Lou Smith and Will Smith

Mary Lou Smith (76) talks with her husband Will Smith (77) about their first meeting, Will's background and education, his work as a congressional staffer and inventor, political interests and working for Boeing, and life after retiring.

Miguel Solis and Corbett Smith

Friends Miguel Solis (33) and Corbett Smith (43) talk about how they met their wives, how Corbett became a journalist, and Miguel's child's heart transplant.

Kathianne Sellers Williams and Brian Williams

Dr. Brian H. Williams (50) talks with his wife Kathianne Sellers Williams (45) about the issue of race within the country and their own relationship, Brian's experience being the trauma surgeon on duty the night of the July 7th shooting...