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Adamson Kobashigawa and Suzie Leng Yuk

Adamson Kobashigawa (35) talks with his mother Suzie Leng Yuk (74) about her life before the Khmer Rouge invasion in Cambodia, life during the invasion and how she survived with her kids, and what life was like after the Khmer...

Marion Masada and Charlene Kiyuna

Charlene Kiyuna (67) interviews her friend Marion Masada (87) about her childhood experience of being imprisoned in a Japanese internment camp during WWII and the subsequent struggles she faced after her and her family were released.

Emily Lee and Jericha Rendon

Emily Lee (72) speaks with her daughter Jericha Rendon (30) about her experience growing up with Polio, pursuing her education, her close relationship with her grandmother, and how her Baha’i faith has influenced her life.

Etta Robin and Kathleen Arnold-Chambers

Longtime friends Etta Robin (81) and Kathleen Arnold-Chambers (74) reminisce about their memories as friends and the common experiences that they share as mental health professionals, survivors of breast cancer, and practicing Jewish women.

Shirin Assemi and Ava Ahmadbeigi

Shirin Assemi (41) talks with StoryCorps facilitator Ava Ahmadbeigi (26) about her memories of growing up in Iran in the '80s, differences she sees between Iranian and American culture, and what she hopes her children will know about Iran in...

Terry Solis and Steven Jacob Lopez Rodriguez

Terry Solis (54) and her son Steven Jacob (21) talk about upward mobility for their family, the struggles their family faced when they had to move to Mexico, and how Terry sets an example for her sons as the Vice...

Lisa Herrick and Lee Herrick

Lisa Herrick (38) and her husband Lee Herrick (49) talk about their respective creative proclivities and their work to integrate art to the Fresno community. They also talk about their respective Asian identities, especially Lisa's Hmong-American identity and how difficult...

Ty Kharazi and Claudia Leon-Villa

Ty Kharazi [no age given] talks with his employee Claudia Leon-Villa (32) about her experiences as an immigrant from Mexico and about perceptions society has of immigrants, especially Latinx immigrants.