Adele Johnson and Carolyn Bornfleth

Cousins Carolyn Bornfleth (68) and Adele Johnson (72) remember their ancestor Maria Rosa Villalpando, who was captured by the Comanche tribe in 1760. They discuss how Villalpando ultimately came to lead an independent life in St. Louis, MO and bond...

Margaret Rodríguez Callahan and Robert Rodríguez

Siblings Margaret Rodríguez Callahan [no age given] and Robert “Bo” Rodríguez [no age given] have a conversation about their great-grandmother, Rosa Bernal, who was captured and enslaved in Las Vegas, NM in 1860. They mourn her difficult life while also...

Estevan Rael-Galvez and Edward Chacón-Lontín

Long time friends Estevan Rael-Galvez (54) and Edward "Eddie" Joseph Chacón-Lontín (68) share a conversation about Eddie's family heritage, his mother’s practice of silence in the interest of survival, and his experience understanding and embracing his mixed identity. The two...

Kristen Rael Wakefield and Anthony Rael

Kristen Rael Wakfield (40) and her father Anthony Rael (65) discuss their ancestor Mathias Montaño, a genízaro (captured indigenous person of New Mexico), occupying the same land he once lived on, and the research Kristen is doing to better understand...

Kenneth Marez Jr. and Taranita Costales

Kenneth Marez Jr. (36) talks with his partner Taranita Costales (34) about his journey into researching his mixed Hispanic and Native heritage, uncovering Native ancestors forced into slavery and servitude in the process. The two also reflect on the importance...

Ernest Trujillo and Ronald Montez

Ernest Trujillo (79) shares memories of his great grandfather, José María Mares, a captured “genízaro” from New Mexico, with his grandson Ronald Montez (38).

Melissa Espinoza-Smart and Jo Corona

Jo Corona (34) interviews Melissa Espinoza-Smart (54) about her great, great grandmother, Maria Guadalupe Garcia Lucero and her journey learning more about her indigenous heritage.

Diane [No Name Given] and Rose Herrera Figueroa

Cousins and descendants of Andres DeHerrera and Miguel DeHerrera, Diane [No Name Given] (39) and Rose Herrera Figueroa (56), discuss their family history. They talk about being descendants of enslaved Navajo people and how that history has impacted their lives....

Theresa Valdéz Maestas and Jake Maestas

Theresa Valdéz Maestas (78) sits down with her husband Jake Maestas (88) to share the story of her great-grandmother Maria Rita Gallegos, a Navajo woman taken captive as a servant by Manuel Antonio Gallegos.