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Zayn Anthony and Zoyer Zyndel

Zayn Anthony (34) and his friend Zoyer Zyndel (33) talk about Zayn's experience being a drag king and how Zayn decided to transition. The friends talk about the trans community and how Zayn's trans and drag identities intersect and overlap.

Emalee Farley and El Daña

Emalee Farley (23) and her friend El Daña (75) talk about El Daña's long time male impersonator entertaining in the Fresno area and beyond. Together they talk about the gay bar scene in Fresno in the 1960s, how El Daña...

Jena Adams and Chris Jarvis

Jena Adams (57) talks with her friend Chris Jarvis (58) about how she transitioned from working in the fashion industry to public health and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. Jena remembers those she lost to HIV/AIDS and addresses some of her...

Julio "Jules" Mastro and Victoria Aguilar

Julio "Jules" Mastro (69) talks with his friend Victoria Aguilar (35) about living with HIV for many decades, losing many friends, a brother, and chosen gay family to HIV/AIDS. The friends also talk about the various HIV/AIDS activism groups Jules...

Jeffrey Robinson and Juan Bustamante

Jeffrey Robinson (58) and his husband Juan Bustamante (48) talk about how their friends came together to help them plan their pagan wedding over 25 years ago and how having a legal document as proof of marriage was not the...

Gustavo Castillo Sierra and Javier Rangel

Gustavo Castillo Sierra (48) y su amigo Javier Rangel (46) hablan de sus experiencias siendo hombres homosexuales creciendo en Mexico, afrentados con homofobia y discriminación de su familia y su comunidad, y la decisión que tomaron para cruzar la frontera...