Interview with Dad
December 31, 2023 App Interview

This is an interview with my 58-year-old father Scott regarding his adventures in Africa and more.

Barbara Kates and Douglas Nye

One Small Step conversation partners Douglas "Doug" Nye (74) and Barbara Kates (69) talk about religion and spiritual life, the Back to the Land Movement, sobriety, activism, differences in views on government, and hopes for their future generations.

Delores Friesen and Bonnie Dibble

One Small Step conversation partners Delores Friesen (81) and Bonnie Dibble (62) have a conversation about the current political divide, historical events, and working as educators.

Autumn and Dr. Schrag -11/22/23

Autumn and Dr. Schrag take a moment to talk about what it was like to grow up in Africa. Dr. Schrag also mentions what religion has taught her.

Lynn Oldshue and Soynika Edwards-Bush

Friends Lynn Oldshue (53) and Soynika Edwards-Bush (43) talk about Soynika's career as an artist and teacher, their families, and living with intention.

Lucien Kilonda Fataki and Teguo Djoyum

Lucien Kilonda (35) interviews his friend and colleague Teguo Djoyum (37) about Teguo's work in public health, which focuses on brain health and reducing the stigma of epilepsy, particularly in underserved regions of Africa, and ultimately the United States.

Keith White and Rosa White

Brother and sister Keith White (35) and Rosa White (30) talk about their family’s history as Black farmers and how the two of them have returned to the agriculture space. They also discuss how they use agriculture as a means...

Malin Brenk

Malin Brenk is a huge part of Kvinna kvinna in Rwanda, Eastern DR Congo and Liberia. this organization helps with gender equality in those areas.

Luke Russell 66, and Chris Sears 30
November 24, 2022 App Interview

In November of 2022 Chris Sears, 30 and Luke Russell 66 talk about faith values and divisiveness

Steve Desroches and Hannah Clager

Steve Desroches (48) talks to Hannah Clager (32) about her experiences traveling and studying abroad, in particular the intersection of art and human rights, and how it led her to her current work with Crisis Action, an organization that works...