Oral History Project

We discussed major events in the 1960s and there impact on the population of America.

Wilson Family Immigration

Sam Wilson (11) interviews his grandmother Diane Wilson (78) about her family’s immigration history to the US.

Blind Date Romance

Almost 50 years as spouses, Marianna (78) and Bill Roberts (76) share the story of how they met on a blind date in 1972. They got married two and a half years later after only spending about 7 weeks together...

Dawn Heath-Fiedler and Heather Brewer

Dawn Heath-Fiedler (58) and her friend and colleague Heather Brewer (53) talk about their work caring for victims of human trafficking and educating young people to avoid being victims.

The Great Thanksgiving Interview

Carina Fernandez (48) is being interviewed by her daughter, Sol Fernandez (13). Carina talks about her teenage years in Argentina, her personal opinions, and her family now living in Miami.

Steve Desroches and Hannah Clager

Steve Desroches (48) talks to Hannah Clager (32) about her experiences traveling and studying abroad, in particular the intersection of art and human rights, and how it led her to her current work with Crisis Action, an organization that works...