Learning about my grandmas history and what she became of it.

Donovan Shaw (16) interviews his grandma Paulette Shaw (70). They discussed the struggles of being African American (5:35). Paulette talked about growing up in Alabama and moving to Michigan. The change was different for her. She discussed meeting the love...

Smiling is Life

An interview with my grandmother talking about different aspects of her life (and my dad’s).

The great thanksgiving listen

My grandparents grew up in south Alabama only a couple miles apart from each other. They met when they were in 2nd grade when my grandmother’s parents decided that she needed to get off of the farm and go to...


we talked about growing up and just life in general

My grandfather Sanders and me, Liz
November 27, 2021 App Interview

All about my grandfather and his past. We talk about his job and his amazing wife and my mom.

An interview with Joseph Norman guy!

Get to know Joseph Norman Guy, my grandpa by listening to some of the following questions!