Resilient Tales From Nikki Bradbury

Mera Bradbury, age 12, interviews her mom, Nikki Bradbury, age 39, about a recent job change that demonstrated her resiliency. In the interview Mera asks her mom important questions to learn more about what it means to be resilient. Nikki...

Don Harris shares stories from his rich and fascinating life

After growing up in a small Alabama town—with no running water until he was 6 years old—Don Harris joined the U.S. Army and flew military reconnaissance operations over China, Korea and Vietnam, completing his tour in Hawaii. He earned college...

Sean DeArmond and Sarah DeArmond

Sean DeArmond (51) and his wife Sarah DeArmond (37) have a conversation about the non-profit they created ("Voiceless Behind Bars") to help raise awareness of, and pay legal fees for, those in prison who have been wrongfully convicted.

Destinee & Si’Nora

a brief discussion between friends about life so far.

"Do what good you can" Chris Spangler, Wesley Donaldson, Joseph Palmer

Chris Spangler talks with his cousin Wesley Donaldson and friend Joseph Palmer, who are both Police Officers and went to high school together, about how to better reform the police. With many calling for defunding the police, what are some...

Lori Kearney dual credit interview

Lori Kearney has been an educator for 20+ years. In this interview she talks about the way of living in her childhood and discussed problems in today’s political system and educational system.

Beverly Gibson and Kiplyn Primus

Beverly Carol Gibson (55) tells StoryCorps facilitator Kiplyn Primus (62) about her family, her career at Georgia Tech, and her involvement in the Just Us Book Club.

Adeline Smith and her grandfather Jack Mize discuss childhood and life

In this interview, recorded Nov. 2023 in Birmingham, Alabama, Adeline Smith (17) interviews her grandfather Jack Mize (77). They discuss childhood, relationships, careers, education and more. He shares about his parents, college experience, and pride in his children and grandchildren.

Angela Hjelmeland and David Hjelmeland
December 1, 2023 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in November 2023, in Hoover, Alabama, Angela Hjelmeland (17) speaks with her her grandfather, David Hjelmeland (79). They discuss his childhood, work life, and advice for adulthood and college.

Interview with Addie Wright and her grandfather, John “Paw Paw” Wright, discussing generational differences, family, and fond memories.

Addison West Wright (17) sits down with her grandfather, John Leo Wright (72), in Birmingham, Alabama, on Tuesday, November 28, 2023. Her grandfather shares memories of his grandfather and childhood living in Selma, Alabama. Together, they discuss their generational differences,...