Bus safety and Zero fares

I interviewed my father about bus safety and zero fares. He said It wouldn't be a bad idea to at least charge a dollar or two for the bus.

Julianne Larsen and Mar Nauta

Partners Julianne Larsen (46) and Mar Nauta (52) discuss how they met, the obstacles they have faced as a couple, and some of the happy memories they have shared during their thirteen years together.

Fernando Ortega and April Gallegos

Friends Fernando Ortega [no age given] and April Gallegos [no age given] discuss their spiritual practices. Fernando talks about being an Aztec dancer, and April speaks about becoming a Guadalupana.

Kalika Davis and Laurie Tarbell

Friends and co-creators Kalika Davis [no age given] and Laurie Tarbell (47) discuss their connection to the Occidental Life Building in downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico, and their vision of transforming it into a community space.

Ebony Isis Booth and Sheryl Felecia Means

Friends, colleagues, and co-conspirators Ebony Isis Booth (41) and Dr. Sheryl Felecia Means (31) discuss burnout, the medical racism Black women face in seeking reproductive care, ancestral healing, and rest as resistance.