“My happiest memory… it’s a toss up between the day you were born and between the day Fati told me you were a girl” “So I’m your favorite?”

Hirah Chaudhary, 16, interviews her mother Zenab Chaudhary, 40. She talks about her childhood, immigration to America, and plans for the future (and maybe a curse). She came to the states at 10 and lived in Florida for a few...

Getting to Know my Dad Better

In this conversation, I talk to my dad, Vlad Orzhekhovskiy, about his life, his job, and overall got to know a lot of things I didn’t know about him originally.

My Interview with Fred Bucoy

My Grandpa, Fred Bucoy is 83 and almost 84. We talked about his past in terms of growing up and previous jobs. We also talked about lessons he learned as well as religion and his memories of my family.

My Grandmother’s Journey.

The interviewer was I, Daniel Garcia, who interviewed my grandmother, Rosalin Vartanian. The majority of the conversation was Rosalin’s early life. We also discussed some reflective questions as well, stemming from her early life, such as “how would you like...

Talking with Coopers grandparents

Talks about family and how their was no technology before

Recording – 11-03-2023 13:43:34

radiographer at local hospital -brief description of radiographer and life as a radiographer

miguel gore

I interviewed my boyfriend Miguel Gore, he is 19 years old. The questions were really broad.