This interview on November 2017 in Chaska, Minnesota. Johanna McGovern has a lot of storys. She talks about her family, and all the hard times and good times in her life. She loves her family and grandchildren and everyone loves...

Thanksgiving Interview

Life questions and who influenced her life

My Mom’s Story

Claire Evenson and her mom Tamara talked about her life growing up, childhood, wishes, and hopes for her children.

A Taste of the Life of Trisha Syke

In this interview we get into the topics of my aunts life and what she lives by. My aunt is a very hard working woman who came out of a rough childhood.

Ellie Gatewood’s interview with Karen Sturges

My grandmother talked about various stories about her childhood and stories in her life. A lot of what came up were very important life lessons we can all live by

Ben bloom and his grandmother talk about her life.

In this interview conducted in Andover, MN, Ben Bloom (14)interviews his grandmother, carole (71) about how she greww up all over the United States. Carole lived in WA, TX, and other states, her favorite state is hawaii. She has held...

Army reserve interview

Me myself wanting to join the military I interviewed my grandpa on what it was like to be in the army reserve.