Tammy Howard and Ian Murakami

Tammy Howard (60) speaks with conversation partner Ian Murakami (25) about her childhood and what she has learned on her journey to heal generational trauma through sobriety.

Tracey Mendelson and Diane Mendelson

Tracey Mendelson (53) speaks with her mother-in-law Diane Mendelson (76) on Diane's life growing up as part of a Jewish family in Osceola, Arkansas, her family history, and cherished family memories.

Recording – 11-29-2023 13:13:10
December 7, 2023 App Interview

Breanna Ivey conducting an interview with Les Kyle, a United States Air Force Veteran. We discussed topics pertaining to military auditing.

My grandfathers story

My grandpas name is Charles Shaw and he is 82. He married my grandma Cleta Shaw. he served in the army and worked in many places.

workout interview

work out questions with Cam’Ron Dixon for a class project in History of workouts

Arica Avery and Brian Foster

Arica "Ariy" Avery (33) talks with her boyfriend Brian Foster (34) about childhood memories, their relationship, and their pathways to entrepreneurship.