Sarah and Jacob French

Sarah French (85) talks with her grandson, Jacob French (19) about some of her childhood and family aspects.

Felipa Deleon-Mousseau and Monique Mousseau

Felipa Deleon-Mousseau (53) speaks with her wife, Monique "Muffie" Mousseau (55), about their love story, and the fights they have had to stand through as a result of their same-sex relationship, both on and off the Pine Ridge Reservation. They...

80 Years of Life with Patricia Bailey

I, Charley Ryann Shannon age 14, the interviewer, am interviewing my great grandmother, Patricia Ann Bailey age 80, about her life and what it was like growing up in the times she did.

Matthew Voss and Jim Isom at UACCM on the topic of CIS
December 12, 2022 App Interview

Matthew Voss chats with Jim Isom, his instructor of two semesters at the University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton, about the latter's history with computer information systems and computer education.

Janie Ohara – At 88 an inspiration!

An interview between Janie Ohara (88) and a family friend Ella Crites (14) that talks about Women in Stem, working women, and Japanese Internment Camps. Janie also shares her advice for life along with a favorite food. :D

Interview with grandfather

interviewed: Larry Concannon interviewer: Jacob Concannon past life: childhood activities, family, childhood home location. events: camping story, military stories.

The Great Recession

my name is Austin Rodriguez, and I interviewed one on my siblings about the Great Recession for a history project.

The American Dream

In this interview, Javier Campos, (my father, age 47) tells the story of his journey to the life he is living now. He recalls the events that took place on his “adventurous” trip to the United States of America and...

hurrican Katrina’s impact from the point of view on a small family

an interview with my father who made the decision to move our family out of Florida to Arkansas due to the damage that hurricanes had done and due to hurricane Katrina and how it played out