January 12, 2019 App Interview
Great Thanksgiving Listen

The first part of the interview with Michael talking about his job and his experiences there.

January 12, 2019 App Interview
Great Thanksgiving Listen Part 2

Michael talks about his life and how it may be different than what he thought it would be

Hana and Saba Alam Interview

I interviewed my mom for an English Project. My mother felt more comfortable talking in her mother’s tongue so we did the interview in Urdu.

January 10, 2019 App Interview
Papi and Me

Mostly talked about hilarious, dumb moments in his childhood and about the importance of accepting diversity and all forms and ways of life.

Family Interview with Henok Petros and Jerome Isayas

Summary of my uncle, Jerome’s, life. He spoke about things regarding his childhood to his favorite moments in life.

Great Holiday Listen with my Mamaw

A small chat with my grandma about her life. We talked about my dad (her son), my grandpa and how they met, and other topics.

Erin Cain and Betty Schwartz

Erin Cain interviews her grandmother, Betty Schwartz, about her life and beliefs.

The great thanksgiving listen -Antony Soliz

We talked about his life mostly and what it was like to move from somewhere like Bolivia to a place like america