Aimee Zangandou, Beatrice Uwimpuhwe, and Beverly Bull

Mother and daughter Beatrice Uwimpuhwe (67) and Aimee Zangandou (39) relate to their friend Beverly Bull (69) the story of their escape from Rwanda in 1994 as the Rwandan Genocide began, their lives as refugees in other countries in Africa,...

William Witherspoon and Frances Mansfield

Cousins William "Bill" Witherspoon (66) and Frances Mansfield (96) continue their discussion about Frances' life, focusing on her relationship with her African-American nanny who helped raise her, her travels with her second husband related to his job, her childhood home,...

Death, dying, and loss.

This interview covers my experience with death and how my views on death have changed throughout the course I took called death and dying and loss at Georgia State University.

Gwen Brown and Flora Carter

Friends Gwen Brown (66) and Flora B. Carter (68) have a conversation about their church, Greater New Light Missionary Baptist Church, as it is celebrating its 50 anniversary. They talk about fond memories of their times together and their friendship.

Nancy Green and Neiger Patrick

Neiger Green Patrick (37) interviews her grandmother Nancy Mae Green (98) about Nancy's life and about her husband and her starting the Greater New Light Missionary Baptist Church 50 years ago.

Delilah Springer, Asha Springer, and Jailyn Springer

Asha Springer (44) has a conversation with her mother Delilah Springer (70) and her daugther Jailyn JuliaRachel Springer (15) about three generations of women living together in one house currently and about the dynamics that involves, as well as how...