A Year Abroad in Spain

A conversation with Will Worsnopp about his study abroad experience in Malaga, Spain (2000-2001)

Yvonne Ng and Derek Lumpkins

Friends Yvonne Ng (46) and Derek Lumpkins (46) discuss memories from their childhoods, their love of travel, and how the coronavirus pandemic has affected their lives.

Barbara Michelman and Matthew Hurtt

Barbara Michelman (54) talks to her One Small Step conversation partner Matthew Hurtt (33) who agree they have differences but also are people who believe in compromise and try to meet others in person to understand each other.

Kaleigh Fitzgibbons and Christiane Gbabiri

Kaleigh Fitzgibbons (18) speaks with her classmate Christiane Gbabiri (18) about family relationships and vacations, their experiences with anxiety, and what they want to do after high school.

Ashley McGowan and Whitney McGowan

Sisters Ashley McGowan (33) and Whitney McGowan (31) talk about childhood memories, experiences living in Chicago, New York, Barcelona. They also share they favorite and saddest memories growing up.

A insider’s view of studying abroad

Rehmat Sakrani is a first generation Muslim-American woman who recently studied abroad in Barcelona

Álex tejero interview on mom

Mother talks about coming to America and culture change between Spain US and Mexico

Olympic journey

The peninsula high school attendance lady gives an account of an interesting job she had throughout much of her life.

Intentional friendship

I (Joey) wanted to learn more about my extraordinary friend (Billy). We talked about life, goal setting, family relationships, travel, managing Lyme disease, business success and overcoming failures.