Covid-19 Homeless Experience With Father & Daughter Advocates Eric Protein & Erica Moseley

A father & daughter homeless experts: Eric Protein Moseley & Erica Moseley discuss their Covid-19 homeless experience before, during, and after with each other as they reminisce about their experience of educating the unhoused of San Francisco about the coronavirus.

Cheri Araki: Japanese American Educator

Cheri Araki(75) talks with her grandson, Andrew "Roo" Markham(17), about her life as a thriving Japanese American Woman from the '60s through the '80s in the Bay Area.

Kyle and Liam – 5/11/23

My name is Kyle and I am 20 years old. I interviewed a friend who I met at college, Liam, who is also 20. The majority of the interview topics that we’re discussed were his upbringing and how his Jewish...

Mary Heers and Katie Swain

Mary Synder Heers (76) speaks to her colleague and friend Katie Swain (30) about the many professions she has held over the years and her spirit of rebellion.

Eugene Ashton-Gonzalez and John Law

Eugene Ashton-Gonzalez (37) talks to his friend and mentor John Law (64) about pilgrimage, community, and life in the Bay Area underground arts scene. They reflect on their time using the signal tower on Yerba Buena Island to host events...

Oakland community struggles
December 13, 2022 App Interview

this is about the struggling community of east oakland

Interviewing my Dad

Dean Hudson (56) he is my dad. We talked about his childhood, through his adult life and some memorable moments

Irene Hurwitz and John Hurwitz

Mother and son Irene Hurwitz (78) and John Hurwitz (36) share a conversation about Irene's life and the myriad of business ventures she took on with her late husband, also named John.

Daniel d'Abreu Noronha and Alejandro Eros

Friends Daniel d'Abreu Noronha (19) and Alejandro "Sasha" Eros (21) talk about their upbringings, their experiences as young practicing Catholics, and their spiritual lives. They reflect on their lives as students at Santa Clara University and on how their Catholicism...