Mi mamá mi orgullo

I talked with my mom about the things she’s proud of, the things that have brought her to be the person she is today, and also how she would like to be remembered by her family if she were to...

Interviewing Joann Ramirez

This is an interview of my mother, Joann Ramirez. It was mostly about her past.

Interview with my Mother
November 26, 2018 App Interview

( mom didn’t want a picture ) Me and my mom discuss mainly about childhood and how it was like for her while growing up. She gives me some advice on some things and describes her wishes for my own...

Thanksgiving Video

I ask my mother questions about her life as a child.

Thanksgiving interview

We talked about past relationships, childhood memories and family

Thanksgiving interview

This interview was a very meaningful moment. This gave me the chance to get closer to him.

Conversation with Mom

Background conversation with my mom to get an idea of her family heritage and my dads. And just where they grew up so we have that on record.