The Story of Mory

I asked him a few questions about his political involvement and his awareness about discrimination

Interview with Alessandra Guedes

We talked about her witnessing discrimination in a store and wishing she had done something about it. #thegreatthanksgivinglisten #discrimination #racism #regrets

Tales of a 50 year marriage

From September 1968 to September 2018, stories of courtship, love, travel and advice. Neil and Kathleen Pope Hughes, long-time Washingtonians married for 50 years.

Dani & Kevin talk about their parents

We talk about the personal histories of our parents and what type of people we’ve become because of them.

My father growing up
December 5, 2017 App Interview

My father grew up in the 60s. He went through a journey from a child to an adult

A Father and Son Talk About Life

Jonathan Gordon is a my father. He used to love spending time with his family in Africa on holidays and hanging out with them. Until he faced a tough decision to come to America and leave South Africa. He always...