Mackenzie Harrison Interview

We talked about my parents relationship and some important details of their relationship.

Boyfriend Interview

I talked to my boyfriend Chris Poczak about his hometown, Dad, cars, Penn State, and more.

Maria Interviews Her Great, Great Aunts

I interview my great, great aunts, Ernestine DiLaureto and Henrietta Gardocki. They were born in the 1910’s and the 1920’s. We discuss their childhood, events that occurred in their lifetimes, and social norms of their time period.

Blake McBrayer and Michelle Cronic’s Interview

The things that were talked about were how her childhood was like. Also how growing up was like.


We talked about the most important lessons in his life.

Interview with Mom

My mom talked about what she was grateful for.


We talked about his childhood. We also talked about what he wanted for generations to come

Interview with my grandma

Talking about what she grew up doing, how she was raised, what she thinks of life now in days

Mugshots: Kassie Hilgert

Kassie is the president and CEO of ArtsQuest. In her interview, Kassie’s word to best describe Musikfest is COMMUNITY.