Sabra Booth

Sabra Booth (57) discusses her family history with a focus on her mother, Barbara Booth. Her family fought in World War II, participated in the creation of the Manhattan Project, and lived in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, which was a military...

Connor and Will Interview
November 30, 2022 App Interview

my name is Connor Hawkins I interview my roommate Will Lantis about life experiences and funny times growing up.

Darrell’s Casual Cooking

My friend Darrell is a self-taught cook who has improved immensely from teenagehood into his late twenties. The interview was performed on Zoom and it had some joyous difficulties!

Megan Wallace and Cindy Wallace

Megan Wallace (23) talks with her mother, Cindy Wallace (55) about her first-hand recount of January 29th, 1998, the day of the Birmingham, Alabama bombing.

Get to Know my Mom
November 27, 2022 App Interview

Sam Tolbert, 20, Birmingham Southern College Student. Kristi Tolbert, 56. topics discussed were what was life like as a kid, favorite and worse job experience, as well as favorite subject as a kid.

Thanksgiving Talk
November 26, 2022 App Interview

The person I interviewed for this conducted the interview in Birmingham, Alabama. This person also happens to be my mother who I am very appreciative that she took the time to do this. I was able to learn a lot...

Alison Benders and Margaret [No Name Given]

Friends and colleagues Alison Benders (65) and Margaret [No Name Given] (65) talk about their Catholic upbringings and their experiences with religion in adulthood. They reflect on what pilgrimage, faith, and community have meant to them.

Elijah Gibson – Liberian/1st Generation American

Elijah Gibson is a first generation american who’s family is from Liberia, Africa. In this interview, he tells the story of his family and his upbringing of a split-culture (American culture and Liberian culture) as well as current life joys...

Catherine Montalbo and Linda Frost

One Small Step conversation partners Catherine Montalbo (60) and Linda Frost (59) talk about growing up in liberal and conservative households, changing their political beliefs, relocating to the south, and gender identity issues.