Amanda Garcia and Gratzia Villarroel

Amanda Garcia (31) and Dr. Gratzia Villarroel (61) discuss immigration stories, becoming bilingual in both Spanish and English, and gender roles in the Latino community. The pair also talk about navigating two cultures and their plans to start a charter...

Mary Ortuno and Gregory Thompson

One Small Step partners Mary "Elizabeth" Ortuno (44) and Gregory "Greg" Thompson (68) discuss the long-term affects of pandemic lockdowns, how law enforcement handles people with mental health issues, and why they think flags have been politicized.

Julia Martinez and Paloma Villalobos

Julia "MacLovia" Martinez (82) speaks with her friend and granddaughter Paloma Villalobos (34) about her journey and perspective on life.

Unknown Titans Interview

I, Nicholas Manna(age 16) interviewed 16 year old Henry Bautista(age 16) on his Grandparents story of immigration into the United States of America.

Alex Schmidt and Nancy Warner

Nancy Warner (70) interviews her friend Alex Schmidt (75) about his family's experience emigrating from Germany to the United States. They also discuss his childhood in Germany and Washington State, his military and clergy careers, and his family.

Ismael Acle and Katharine Dooley-Hedrick

One Small Step conversation partners Ismael Acle (51) and Katharine Dooley-Hedrick (35) talk about how their families and upbringings shaped their politics, and how their political beliefs have evolved over time.

From no media to media the growth of the mass communication content

The story of a man immigrating to the USA and how media and it’s evolution affected his journey along the way.