Janet [No Name Given] and Betsy Haddad

One Small Step partners Janet [No Name Given] (37) and Betsy Haddad (55) discuss pressure to have children, the affects of the COVID-19 pandemic on youth's behavioral health, and navigating drug use as a parent.

Sebastian Chavez and Carmen Alean

Sebastian Chavez (24) talks to his grandmother Carmen Alean [no age given] about their Peruvian heritage, their memories of food and cooking, and their involvement in the Queens Night Market community.

Audrey Robinson: African American French Creole Biologist

In today's interview, host Roo Markham(17) interviews Audrey Robinson(80) Bout her childhood in Texas and then transitioning to higher education on the East Coast.

Jennifer Justice & Kirsten Lavery

Jennifer shares her story with Kirsten of how through a series of unfortunate events she went from "supermom" to dealing with an opiate addiction and living on the streets. While on the streets she got pregnant with her third child....

Robert Flynn and Bob Flynn

Bob (93) shares with his son Robert some of the highlights of his life. His first job was at a fledling TV Station (NBC) in NY. He spent his entire 40 yr career there w/ a short stint in the...

Allan Bergano and Dorothy Cordova

Allan Bergano (70) speaks to his Auntie Dorothy Cordova (91) about their experience as members of the Filipino-American community in Seattle, Washington. Allan shares his experience with bussing during school integration in Seattle and Dorothy reflects on her work as...

Tracy Shaughnessy and Gail Mondoux

Tracy Shaughnessy [no age given] discusses with her childhood friend Gail Mondoux [no age given] her tumultuous childhood being adopted by alcoholic parents and her experience as a white student attending a predominately black school through Seattle's desegregation bussing programs.

Diane Hayes Powers and Destiny McLurkin

Diane Hayes Powers (69) speaks to her daughter Destiny McLurkin (39) about being a part of Seattle's bussing program during school desegregation. Diane speaks about the challenges she faced as a Black student at a majority white school and how...

Della Kostelnik Juarez and Julia Juarez-Kostelnik

Della Kostelnik Juarez (61) tells her daughter Julia Juarez-Kostelnik (22) about her experiences participating in a voluntary bussing/racial transfer program as an elementary school student in Seattle. Della describes how being the only white kid in a predominantly Black school...