Rosa’s Story

Allie asks Rosa about her experience immigrating from Dominican Republic to America. She touches upon her endeavors to success arriving here and her obstacles having to grow up so fast.

J. B. and Ashley Ortega

Coworkers J.B. [no age given] and Ashley Ortega (28) talk about their work at the Brooklyn Justice Initiatives (BJI), the impact of the criminal justice system on their lives, and their relationships with their families.

Shaq Flee and Nasha Flee

Friends and colleagues Shaq Flee (29) and Nasha Flee (32) discuss their friendship, Shaq's small business, and Nasha's experience with incarceration.

Danielle Hansen and Marguerite Tumminio

Danielle Hansen (43) talks with her mother Marguerite "Peggy" Tummino (81) about her childhood, her health history, and her career in teaching and health education.

Barry H. Kaplan, MD, PhD

Barry H. Kaplan, MD, PhD, (84) speaks with Sandy Chang, Jeanette Gonzalez and Susan Dicosola on his unusual path to the practice of medical oncology.

life in and after the Dominican Republic

Immigration story from the Dominican Republic and life after, the hardships and obstacles that an immigrant had to face in a country that was not his homeland

Marjorie Beale and Kristina Feliciano

One Small Step conversation partners Marjorie Beale (62) and Kristina Faliciano (55) reflect upon the values instilled in them by their parents, the differences they've had with their parents and the importance of compassion and listening.

Elsie Shore and Thomas DiMattia

One Small Step partners Ellie Shore (76) and Thomas DiMattia (70) talk about liberalism, politicians, and the perceptions of Kansans versus those of people in New York.