Nina: youth

My mother had to become the breadwinner for her family at a young age. This is her story.

Interview with Serena

A quick Q & A with my girlfriend, just before our one year anniversary.

What’s It Like To Be A First-Generation Child In America

Catherine interviews her dad, Roderick Pablo, about his life of being a first-gen child here in America. She seeks to know how life was for him and the family.

The Yi Family Story

The Yi family discusses the history of socialism and their personal experience with it,

Dads Interview

Questions from how/ where my dad grew up, to family history, I sit down and talk with my dad about his life and background!

Suzannah Bianco and Nathalie Ingram

Nathalie Ingram (52) and former Olympic teammate Suzannah Bianco (47) describe the early days as athletes and their Olympic careers as "artistic swimmers," which was formerly known as Synchronized Swimming.

California Bussing

In this interview, we talked about the bussing program in California during the 1970s.