William Miller 2023 Jan 13

My wife Jennifer and I came down to Irvine for a visit and to do this interview.

The Struggles of Immigrating to A New Country

Brandon Marina: 2022-12-01 06:38:43 This is an interview of me and my mom and the story of how they immigrated and the struggles they faced. My hope is that anyone watching can see that it is possible and you too...

Advice to Future Generations – Tazin Yunis

Zaid Yunis (16) interviews his mother, Tazin Yunis (50) about her upbringing and the lessons she has learned throughout her life. She gives advice to him as well as future generations about preserving her family's sacrifice

English Interview

We talked about my dad and what his life has been like.

My Mom’s Life

We talked about my family history, many experiences in my mom’s life, and pieces of advice she has for me and the future generations. My Mom’s stories and things she had to say have brought me and her closer. It...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview, my father and I talked about questions that we wouldn’t normally talk about. I enjoyed having this talk with my father and getting to know him better.

The Yi Family Story

The Yi family discusses the history of socialism and their personal experience with it,

Interview with Tiffani Nguyen

We talked about my Mom’s life in Vietnam, her school experience in America, and her career.