Interview at Valley HS

interview between 2 students in Ethnic Studies at Valley HS in Hacienda Heights CA

Interview with My Dad, Joseph Ybarra

Joseph Ybarra (48) talks with his daughter, Rysie Ybarra (16) about his childhood in West Covina, experiences as a Mexican-American, college life, parenting, and more.

Recording – 09-07-2023 15:11:48
September 7, 2023 App Interview

This is an interview with host 15 year old Zoë Toomire and her mom Ingrid Miller.

John’s Birthday August 4 2023

John Harcourt 66 years old and wife Jody Gliserman/Harcourt. Life from Montreal to California.

Steve Desroches and Anthony Hand

Steve Desroches (48) talks to his friend Anthony Hand (54) about their friendship, drag queens and Hand's movie "Maxxie LaWow", an animated film about a drag super-shero.

Recording – 07-10-2023 22:45:15

the person I interviewed was Jennifer, my mom and she is 32 years old. in this interview I asked her about memories and all kind of different stuff of her personal life.

Cheri Araki: Japanese American Educator

Cheri Araki(75) talks with her grandson, Andrew "Roo" Markham(17), about her life as a thriving Japanese American Woman from the '60s through the '80s in the Bay Area.

Venetia Wilhelmsen On Her Progression Through Faith And Religion In Her Life.

Brandon Wilhelmsen (43) interviews his mother, Venetia Wilhelmsen (64) about her progression through faith and religion from early life to present day. Topics include search for truth, baptism, temple attendance, and how faith informs aspects of her life. 2023-07-06

Living in Freedom | Interview with Art Sepúlveda by Isabella Sepúlveda

In this interview you will hear a story of what it was for Art growing up in a Black Mexican family and neighborhood and what it was like walking through different trials and triumphs during the duration of his debate...

Steve Desroches and Daniel Gomez Llata

Steve Desroches (48) talks to Daniel Gomez Llata (58) about his role as the Town Crier in Provincetown, Massachusetts and the history of this beloved figure.