Navy Interview

interviewee, Billy Edwards, 48, Father

Luke Getz/Casey Getz Interview

Luke Getz/Casey Getz talk about Casey’s life.

long way from home

my name is cassie saeteurn, age 17 and i am interviewing my mom who is mahn hin saeteurn. this is a story on how she came from laos to the u.s and her escape from the vietnam war.

William Miller 2023 Jan 13

My wife Jennifer and I came down to Irvine for a visit and to do this interview.

Tracy Lee & Diamond Lee

Tracy Lee sat down with her daughter Diamond on her 50th birthday to share a story of her journey as a child growing up in poverty, forging a path in healthcare and passion for making a difference through inspiration.

Aaron(student) and Joseph(father) Yang

In this audio, I interview my father, Joseph. We recorded this on January 6, 2023, in he city of Fullerton, California.

interview with my mom

Here I am Natalie Tartadian interviewing my mother Sandy Tartadian that is 43 years old and talks about some of her accomplishments in life and takes us through her child hood memories!!

Grandma talks about what life was like in England

In December of 2022, Anthony (15) interviews his grandmother, Sandy (67), who was born in England in 1955, about her life in England and adjusting to life in Canada, and then the United States. One of the main differences was...

I Followed My Passion

In January of 2023 in New Hope, PA, Lilly Stark (16) interviewed her father Richard Stark (63) about experiences that changed his life for the better. Richard has lived all over the country and had many different careers that gave...