Student Raquel Henriquez interview
April 22, 2024 App Interview

Raquel Henriques (17) Rosalbina Gonzalez (46) Relationship Mom discuss what being a parent was like and how they were brought up

Tiffany & Jorge Estrada Recording – 04-11-2024
April 12, 2024 App Interview

Daughter Tiffany and Father Jorge discuss life and moving to America.

Papi’s Interview

I had much fun that i exceeded the time limit. you’re welcome. The recording was cut off as I passed the limit.

Story Corps Interview

Younger sibling interviewing their older sister about life in general. Work, childhood, memories were talked about.

Military Voices – An Interview with Peggy Quast, the wife of a retired Navy Admiral and mother of two Naval Officers

This recording is unique in that it interviews the spouse of a 36 year Navy veteran, a retired Navy Admiral and Vietnam War veteran who is also the mother of two former Naval Officers and the daughter-in-law of another career...

Sylvia Elizabeth Beck Mathis remembered by Jill

Jill talks about her mother, Sylvia, who recently passed away. She shares memories of Sylvia's early childhood, marriage, and family life, and the valuable legacy she left to her family and posterityl