Dasundy Ou
December 22, 2022 App Interview

Dasundy Ou had a difficult life growing up. When she was extremely young, her country was taken over my communists that destroyed her land. Here, she shares the story of her life and what she has to say to the...

Fred Allen-Vietnam war

His name is fred Allen and he served in many different places including Cambodia and Vietnam

Maddy Shearer interviews Beatrice Peterson about International Traveling and Living during the Cold War

Beatrice Peterson recalls her experiences traveling with the American military during the midst of the Cold War to locations like Vietnam, Cambodia, Germany, and Romania while being interviewed by her granddaughter, Maddy Shearer on May 14th, 2022. She details how...

Suor So and Amanda So

Amanda So (29) interviews her father, Suor So (69), about his life, focusing on his immigrating to the United States in 1981 from Cambodia and his subsequent life here.

David’s childhood

Mia speaks to her father, David and they discuss his childhood

Sarim Marith & Angela Marith

Sarim and her family are Cambodia refugees who came to the US in 1975. She talks with her daughter-in-law, Angela about the barriers she faces with her doctors because her English is not great. How not fully understanding the language...

Coming to America By Jimmy Chau

A story about a Cambodian man, and his long journey to the United States.

Melissa Chanselle-Hary and Katharine Schweitzer

One Small Step conversation partners Melissa Chanselle-Hary (40) and Katharine Schweitzer (35) talk about what the words “liberal” and “conservative” mean to them, why they don’t identify with those words, and how those words relate to the idea of believing...