The Scottish boat to Canada, filled with Greeks

Pappou Demetri talks about his trip to Canada and the lifelong friends he made on the way.

Pc1 project interview

Talked about future goals and ambitions. Also got to learn more about him.

Interviewing Brian McCarthy

In this interview, Brian McCarthy discusses growing up in different countries and the impact that it has had on his life as well as some of his perspectives on the Coronavirus.

Hannah Bartsch and Carlos Andres

Hannah is a fourth year Nursing major from Fort St John in Northern British Columbia (Like really far far far north). As my neighbor in Jacobsen hall, I recall our first few interactions were skirmishes over loud music from my...

Jessica Brouwer and Carlos Andres

Jessica a native from the Town of Love (Loveland, Colorado) is a Fourth year biology student. She's been my hall neighbor in Jacobsen Hall for the last 8 months. In this interview we talked about her house mates, field of...

Papa’s interview

My Grandpa talks about his child hood, wife, and message to future generations.

I miss you! I miss you too.

Katie Brook and Liza Birkenmeier talk about the live performance, the show they were supposed to be doing today, and the circumstances of their life and friendship during the pandemic.

Jared McGill and Carlos Andres

Jared Mcgill from the Cayman Island has been my room mate for the past 8 months. In this interview we talked about the first time we met, his relationship with his adoptive parents and people who have inspired him.