Bo Wacker and Westley Colins interview Bill Eiseinbeir

Our senior was Bill Eiseinbeir. and we talked about how his life was and where he grew up, the things he did, the people he met and learned a lot.

Recording – 12-04-2023 10:16:51 Chelsea, Joey, Ana

Doris Lindsay is 79 and was married to a man named Robert, goes by bob though. she was born in 1944 and was in sixth grade the year of 1955, she loved school. She gave us the advice to always...

Avery and kylie interviewing Kathy

Are seiner that we interviewed was named Kathy and she was 67. she has a husband and she talked about her personality with liking bugs to being kind to everyone.

Recording – 12-04-2023 10:15:27

Paul Mark is born in 1942 and married. And we discussed his lifetime and memories growing up.