The Great Thanksgiving Listen – Rishikesh Venkat interviewing Venkat

The interview revealed various details about both my parents' as well as their families' lives. The interview allowed me to learn how my great grandmother was an important woman in Indian History, and how my dad was almost a victim...

Chennai Vaasis in the OC

"Vaasis" is a Tamil word that means residents. Two long term residents of the OC and American citizens, formerly South Indian natives of the city of Chennai (Madras), discuss parental and ethnic influences, arranged marriages, and how immigrant cultures and...

My Greatest Achievements

My grandma talks about her life story from what her school life was like, what her first job was like and the greatest achievements in her life.

Shreya Rajaram: Her Story

On May 21st, I interviewed my friend Shreya Rajaram about her immigration story to the US, and what life was like in India.