What 9/11 was like being brown

Sehrnaz Ali is my mother who talked about her experience being brown and muslim in american after 9/11 had occurred and how it affected her world.

LHP Interview

Participant: Yoon Kim Age: 50 Relationship to me: Mother Topics discussed: 9/11

interviewing mom

talking to my mom about the experience of having cancer

Interviewing My Mother

Hello, My name is Jakayla Coley. I'm a senior in highschool and I'm 18 years old. I will be interviewing my mother (Don't mind the background noises, she was cooking ). We're going to be talking about the past, I've...

LHP Project: US History

Jack Bergquist, 17, interviews his grandmother, Linda Milner, about life in England and coming into the United States in Chicago.

Peter Baker and Chris Brookes

Chris Brookes (73) interviews her friend Peter Baker (57) about growing up in Chicago and coming to Lake Ivanhoe, a Black community in southeastern Wisconsin. Peter relates the history of the community from its founding in 1926 up to the...

Interviewing my Uncle!

In this interviewed I interviewed my uncle on his life and got to learning things I have no know before.

Connie’s Century

My great grandmother, Connie Schullo, is 103 years old and was born in this country. We talked about her family, favorite invention, and her life experiences.

American Experience

Lissette Garcia interviews Kostas T. for American Experience.

Steve Desroches and Carolyn Miller

Steve Desroches (48) talks to Carolyn Miller (78) about her experiences with alien abductions and the corresponding phenomenon of UFOs on Outer Cape Cod as well as her spiritual beliefs, work as a psychic and more.