Tattianna Howard and Tracy Kostenbader

Tattianna Howard (28) and her friend, Tracy Kostenbader (52), talk about community art, intergenerational art spaces, past collaborations, future project ideas, and their friendship.

Carl Haymore and Tyrone Haymore

Carl Haymore Jr. (50) speaks with his uncle Tyrone Haymore (74), who is a local historian, about the historical firsts in the village of Robbins, IL, the famous people who came from Robbins, as well as Carl's love of fatherhood.

Kiela Smith-Upton, Charles Smith, and Eben Chaske Smith

Charles Smith (79) talks to his son, Eben Chaske Smith (56) and his daughter, Kiela Smith-Upton (50) about growing up in Chicago, his family, education, and his career as an architect.

Tiffany Favers and Jes Scheinpflug

Tiffany Favers (35) and her partner, Jes Scheinpflug (33), talk about their relationship, which began online during the first month of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and their hopes for their future adventures together when they can finally go out in public...

Ahmed Omar and Nedal Kawash

Ahmed "Flex" Omar (39) interviews Nedal Kawash (28) about his early life in Jordan, immigrating to the Chicago suburbs as a teen, adapting to the US, and his life since.

Julia Mayer and Peter Vega

Julia Mayer (56) speaks with colleague Peter Vega (34) about their journeys to being Executive Directors of two non-profit arts organizations.

Mom’s interview

Marisol who is my mom talks about her life growing up in Chicago. She talks about her family and how it has made her into the person she is today.

Madison Hill, Samie Jo Johnson, and Joshua Micucci-D'amato

Roommates Madison Hill (23), Joshua Micucci-D'amato (27), and Samie Jo Johnson (27) talk about wearing many different hats as artists. They also discuss what resilience means to them, how systemic racism has risen to the forefront of their conversations this...