Unknown Titans Interview

I, Nicholas Manna(age 16) interviewed 16 year old Henry Bautista(age 16) on his Grandparents story of immigration into the United States of America.

Living History Project part 1

The story of how Nicu Pasca’s experience finding his way to America

My interview

Mostly about how was life and the events happening.

Don Millar and Nash Christian

Nash Christian (age 20) interviews his friend Don Millar (89) about Washington Island, WI and how important an education is.

Interviewing my grandmother

An 11 minute summary of what it was like for my grandmother growing up.

Me interviewing my grandpa for The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I asked my grandpa 13 questions and he gave me some good answers it was about 3:30 minutes and he’s 79 born in 1942