9/11 interview

What was Tina’s experience during 9/11. And what she went through and felt at the horrific time.

Love and support

The interview was about Janine’s life and her identity


I’m interviewing my G-ma on the Chicago riots that took place after MLK died. She lived to see a lot happen on those 2 days.

The Great Thanksgiving Listing

We talked about what it was like for my grandpa growing up.

The Beautiful Life of Louis Boyd

My grandmother was like any other child. She loved to do many fun things in her life. Despite some obstacles in her life she always found the beauty of the event. She is a fighter who has survived breast cancer...

The Truth

Throughout the interview,that took place on November 25th in Chicago Illinois. Jayla Hicks who is 17 year old interviewed her grandmother Gwendolyn Miller who is 60 years old about her childhood. Mrs.Miller shares a story about her sister getting kidnapped...