Elisa Leyva and Yolanda Leyva

Dr. Yolanda Chavez Leyva [no age given] speaks with her granddaughter Elisa Jacinta Leyva (19) about Elisa’s great-great-great grandmother Canuta of the Rarámuri people.

Sonya Miller Preis and Naomi Love

Sonya Miller Preis [no age given] talks with her conversation partner, Naomi Love (27), about her family history. Sonya honors her grandfather, Joe Miller, and her grandfather's aunt, Fania Marinoff, and she also talks about her cousins, her appreciation for...

Scott Cutler and Marshall Carter-Tripp

Friends and colleagues Scott Cutler (71) and Marshall Carter-Tripp (78) discuss how they became involved with the Frontera Land Alliance and conservation efforts. They also talk about current projects they are working on.

Virginia Fraire and Jacob Fraire

Virginia Fraire [no age given] and Jacob Fraire [no age given] discuss immigration to the United States, growing up in poverty, and the importance of education. Jacob and his family immigrated from Mexico to the United States, where they were...

Eva Medrano and Yvette Jones

Eva Medrano (70) and her daughter, Yvette Jones (47), share stories and memories of their family and life between El Paso and Juarez.

Santa Paula Prieto, Maria Prieto, and Alex Gable

Santa Paula Prieto (76) habla con su hija Maria "Gene" Prieto (50) y su nieto Alex Gable (23) sobre su vida en Mexico y los Estados Unidos. Ella habla de su orgullo de sus hijos y sus nietos y como...

Jose Prieto Mendoza, Maria Prieto, and Alex Gable

José Prieto Mendoza [no edad dado] comparte una conversación con su hija, María Prieto (50), y su nieto, Alex Gable (23), sobre su infancia, su inmigración a los Estados Unidos desde México y su familia. [Jose Prieto Mendoza [no age...

Story of My Mom’s Life

The experiences of my mom through childhood and adulthood. Including school, work, family, and influential people.