Interview with Glen Huggins

Glen Huggins (18), discussing his journey as a baseball player with insight details to help future players who want to continue on a similar path like him.

Thelma E. Robinson-Bloesing, age 101, as a young adult and running a trucking company in the 1940’s as a woman. (Part 2)

Thelma shared the story of her first marriage, the start of their trucking company, her divorce and eventual sale of her trucking company, her trip to California and the accident that resulted in the unexpected death of her father.

Interview with Dad

This speech was with my father. He explained a bit about himself and who has influences him to become who he is now.

My Dad’s career

An interview between Me and My stepdad. A general interview about his job. He tells about working with his family. He also talks about what he wanted to get into as a kid.

Freaking Erin

In this interview, conducted in Chula Vista, California, Phillip (16) Nguyen interviews his friend Erin (17) about her friendships in high school and how her relationships there have affected her experience as a teenager and at the school. Erin shares...

Phillip the Great

This is an inside look to phillip. It goes into on inside jokes within Phillips family and some traditions within. He gives inside on their religion and how he plans to live life with those ideas within his family. He...

The story of Carlos

Carlos tell us about his life experience and growing as a person.

Quin Interviews His Grandma

For Thanksgiving, Quin's Grandma came from Decatur, Illinois and stayed for the week. On Saturday, Quin decided to interview her, and this is that interview.