Diana Lee Townsend aka Dee, Boppy, Grandee, Granny, Mom

1st interview with our mother/grandmother and how she remembered growing up. David age 49 Derek age 46 Marci age 18 Dee age 81

Len Russo: our Sicilian- American history

Steve Russo and Leslie Russo Yates interview their Uncle Len Russo about family life in the years following his parent’s emigration to Cleveland, Ohio from Longi Sicily.

The life of a special Ed inner city teacher

through this interview I asked my mom Cynthia (53) about her struggles teaching special Ed in the inner city as well as the things that she enjoyed about working in the inner city.

Chris Hazelton

Chris Hazelton, 73, and Jessica Gribble, 46, father and daughter, talk about Chris's early life through marriage and his early teaching career.

Amada Matei and Joseph Ernst

One Small Step Partners Amada Matei (48) and Joseph "Joey" Ernst (40) discuss their backgrounds, livelihoods, interests, and political identities. They reflect on their shared value of curiosity and consider past experiences connecting across political differences.

Rodney Thornton and Dorothy Thomas

One Small Step conversation partners Rodney "Rod" Thornton (72) and Dorothy Thomas (67) talk about their memories growing up outside of California, their moves to Fresno, their path to retirement, and their political views.

PY 220- StoryCorp Project- Emma James
September 25, 2022 App Interview

For PY 220, I conducted an interview for our StoryCorp project. I interviewed an nuclear power plant workers and got his perspective from his experience and thoughts on nuclear energy.

Jill Kaufman and Michael Medrano

One Small Step partners Jill Kaufman (49) and Michael Medrano (47) speak about their work, their views on religion and marriage, and what they like to do in their spare time.