Jessica Elfenbein and Robert Feinstein

Jessica Elfenbein (61) and her husband Robert Feinstein (62) have a conversation about their 4 decades together, reflecting on their many moves, the family they've built, and their Jewish identity.

Mark Wickersham and Lisa Nelson-Haynes

One Small Step partners Mark Wickersham (55) and Lisa Nelson-Haynes (58) discuss yoga and mindfulness, the importance of community, and why Americans have lost their ability to have respectful conversations.

Food Interview With An Elder
January 24, 2023 App Interview

Parker Dhillon and Abi Shumpert talk about Parker's recipe of his favorite dish, chicken parmesan.

Interviewing my Grandparents

Today I interviewed my grandparents, Lawrence Arena and Carolyn Arena. They’re married and have lived a long and happy life and I talked to them about that life and the impact they want to have had on the world around...

Clint McGuire and Miranda Lund

Clint McGuire (56) interviews his longtime friend, Miranda Lund (43), about her experiences as a student in the USC Aiken theatre department, and how it led to her creating an Instagram account devoted to cosplay.

My Interview With My Dad

In this interview, I learned more about my dads life. Such as things that I never new before about him, and where he has been in his life! I find it so cool and how I have never been so...

A quick chat with Momma

In this interview I picked my moms brain and found out how she really feels about her marriage, our family, and life itself.