A Reflection On The Past

Janis Diamond (74) talks with her grandson Thomas Gauthier (16) about her childhood and how the world has changed since then.

Lou Naclerio

We talked about his past life and the things he wishes he had done. And some important people.

Quick Chat with Paul

Paul Matula describes what his life was like before having a family and his career. He says how his life has changed since he was a child.

Chattin’ With Dad

Morgan and Jamie talk about Jamie’s childhood and what it was like to move a lot as a kid.

Sue Romano’s life growing up

Sue romano talked about her favorite things to do growing up and how things were back then

Lolly’s Life

This is an interview about the time spent in my grandmothers life. It includes her childhood, her time spent as a dancer with Andy Warhol, and the how the Vietnam war effected her life and the people around her.

Growing Up

Everything about me and my sister’s upbringing ranging from school experiences to personality dynamics.

Gumpa’s Story

This video was recorded by Evan Kerzner who is interviewing his grandfather, Bruce Kerzner and just talking about his life and how he has overcome challenges. Evan and all of his grandsons call him Gumpa/Gumps. As a two time stroke...

Kimberly Kelling and Lloyd S Kelling

Kimberly Kelling (63) sits down with her father, Lloyd S. "Bud" Kelling (90), to ask him about his childhood memories at Camp Crockett (also known as Kamp Karney), to learn more about what it was like for him to discover...