Mimi Magee

Interview with Mimi Magee on Thanksgiving 2020.

What really matters? Pt. 2

My mom went more into depth about the roots of her childhood and what it was like growing up.

What really matters?

We talked about things that have influenced her to be who she is and where she is to date.

Griswold Project On Resilience: Giving Makes Life Worth Living

Sandra Ann Nolfo, president of the Friends of the Bigelow Senior Center in Fairfield, shares her battles with two timely topics we are now wrestling with as a nation: prejudice and the coronavirus. Listen for tips on how to build...

A Conversation with Grammy

This is my Grammy: Henni Fried Stolzman. We talked about all the important things in life: best memories, worst memories, important people, regrets, and more.

Maxine Rockoff and Robin Sparkman

Maxine Rockoff (82) talks with her friend and StoryCorps CEO, Robin Sparkman (51), about her life and career. She recalls getting her PhD, working in biomedical computing, becoming a mother, and her accomplishment of wiring settlement houses in New York...

Beth Moeller and Dr. Frank DeStefano for the 2020 Griswold Home Care Resilience Project

2020-08-25 17:54:08 Beth Moeller and Dr. DeStefano sat down to discus insights gleaned from a lifetime rooted in Catholicism, a 57 year strong marriage and family of 6 children and 17 grandchildren, art during the period of the Renaissance and...