Coming from Cuba

My mom telling her life story how she came from Cuba

My Daughter and I

I sat down and interviewed my daughter about family connections and writing.

A conversation with mami

A conversation with my mom in Spanish about her life and her feelings as a mother.

The life of a young Cuban girl in the 50’s

Learning about what it’s like to be in the Havana as young child during Fidel Castro’s reign and also the troubles of a teenager in Cuba.

Interviewing an elder

Me and my grandpa talked about his life during cuba and how his experience was through life.

Mima (Grandma)

She spoke about her love for her husband, her grandchildren, and her experiences growing up in Cuba and then moving to Miami.

An interview, about my Grandmother’s life.

My grandmothers life, her loves, her early years, and advice she wanted to share to her family.

An Interview With My Aunt Marely

Marely has had a great childhood despite the hardships presented to her by the communism in her country of birth (Cuba) and has an interesting ancestry and great parents/grandparents, lots of fun memories, and a lot of experiences that have...