A Difficult Childhood Does NOT Equal a Troubled Adulthood

Diane Chambers had some challenges to overcome in her early life, although, thanks to her Father, things weren't all bad. Looking back, as a successful mother, teacher, and faithful Christian, she wouldn't change a thing, knowing it all made her...

Jack Benjamin and Clint McGuire

Clint McGuire (55) talks with his former professor and long-time friend, Jack Benjamin (70), about Jack's early years in theatre and his role in building a theatre department from scratch at the University of South Carolina Aiken.

Interview with my grandmother
July 31, 2022 App Interview

I (Brendan Olsen M22) interview my grandmother (Bette Williams 70s)


This is an interview with my father. My fathers names in Melvin Smith and he is currently 46. We discussed topics about family.

How it feels to be a black woman

This interview is a summary of Cherrie Anderson’s opinions thoughts feelings dreams and desires as a black woman in the 2000s.

Anne Ammai – recollection of hospital

Annie Chirayil experience after waking from a near death infection

Abraar Khan, Isa Farid – Story Corps 6/18/22

This is an interview where Abraar Khan (16) talks with his Cousin, Isa Farid (19) about overall life, regrets, and memories. Sorry for pauses, we did this over Zoom and it lagged.

Susan Kraft and Michael Kraft

Susan Kraft (59) and her brother, Michael Kraft (62), share a conversation about their family history, their parents' relationship, and the love with which they were raised.