Maritza asks grandma Vicenta about her childhood.

I interviewed my grandmother Vicenta and asked her a few questions about how she grew up and her life experiences.


I interviewed my mom about her life and her experiences. We started with her earliest memories of major current events in that time period, then transitioned into her background and what she accomplished at a young age. She then talked...

Service in the Military and the Gulf war

We talked about how my Dad served in the military and his point of view about the military and serving in the Gulf war

Growing up in Texas
December 1, 2020 App Interview

A grandfather tells his grandson about growing up in Texas.

A Mother’s Vocal Days

Krystal Ragone tells all about her days in the Music business. Interviewed by Sam Ragone (Me)

John Gallagher and Thear Sy Suzuki

In 1981 an influx of Cambodian and Laotian refugee children landed in Dallas speaking no English. John Gallagher, a teacher at Fannin Elementary School in Dallas, decided he would do what he could to help the students and their families....

More About Mimi

This interview was all about my grandmother. She lived a great life and has so many wonderful memories.